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Can You Stump the Chumps?
Can you what explain the Cloud term means?

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Citrix Innovation Award

Thin Client Computing is proud to announce that our customer project "COXConnect" has won the Citrix Innovation Award at Citrix iForum in Las Vegas. Read the press release here , view the case study video here. The written case study has been posted here.

Caremark adopts Next Generation Virtualization

Thin Client Computing worked closely with Caremark to evaluate and adopt an advanced operating system virtualization platform called Virtuozzo by SWSoft. Virtuozzo virtualizes the operation system instead of the hardware layer and as a result requires far less overhead in disk, cpu and ram utilization than hardware virtualization solutions. The integrated nature of the guest and host OS allows for simple point and click deployment of new servers and applications. As a result of sharing the host OS core, licensing costs per guest machine are significantly reduced. As a result, Caremark can host complete test, dev, QA and production environments on a dramatically lower number of physical servers with far lower software costs and better management capabilities.

Cox Communications selected to present at the 2006 Citrix iForum Worldwide User Conference

Thin Client Computing worked closely with COX Communications to create "CoxCONNECT"- the most advanced multi-data center, application delivery solution available. Utlizing the latest advances in global server load balancing, secure session access, endpoint scanning, server based computing and virtual desktop delivery, call center agents are fully able to work from home using personal equipment with complete security, full application access and high performance. [click here to view the presentation delivered]

Mayo Clinic selected to present at the 2005 Citrix iForum Worldwide User Conference

Thin Client Computing worked closely with the Mayo Clinic to design and deliver a state of the art healthcare application delivery platform. The resulting system, called "Virtual Mayo", was recognized for it's breakthrough acheivement and featured at iForum 2005 [click here to view the presentation delivered]

Windows Magazine features Metaframe for UNIX Article by Steve Greenberg and Christa Anderson

Windows and UNIX on the Desktop- ICA is not only available for Windows, with Presentation Server for UNIX the same remote session functionality can be achieved [more...]

Windows Magazine features a Motorola SPS/Thin Client Computing Case Study

Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition (WTS), is a good start to a server-based networking environment, but most companies also need helper software to flesh out the support capabilities (e.g., client-side device support, sound, load balancing) that WTS lacks. Most companies choose Citrix MetaFrame. However, MetaFrame is expensive and requires purchase of the entire product package. So when implementing a thin-client solution for its manufacturing plants, Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS) broke with convention and chose a less expensive and more modular option: Network Computing Devices' (NCD's) ThinPATH suite of WTS helper software.

The High Tech Institutes partners with Thin Client Computing to adopt NCD Thin Clients

High-Tech Institute's appreciation for speed and efficiency was a driving force behind the decision to move from PCs to NCD ThinSTAR WBTs. Additionally, High-Tech Institute is a highly distributed enterprise, making a thin client solution the perfect choice... [more...]