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  • CuttingEdge Support

    Thin Client Computing provides a wide range of support options via email, telephone, on-site as live, interactive screen-sharing support. Live 24x7 telephone support and vendor specific product support are available upon request.

  • CuttingEdge Implementation

    Thin Client Computing works closely with clients to plan and execute system deployments in an orderly and careful manner. Proper implementation requires more than just technical experience- it requires fully understanding the organizational needs, system inter-dependencies, the correct steps and right timing. Careful planning, risk avoidance and parallel approaches to deployment are all built in to our service offerings. Whether is a single day of services, a week, month or year, the same care and attention is given to achieving excellence.

  • CuttingEdge Design

    Thin Client Computing provides advanced system design for both small and large organizations based on many years of experience and best practices. A neutral adviser for a wide range of products and technologies, Thin Client Computing maintains a longstanding reputation for making the best interests of our clients our core focus. The ideal combination of expert design and best of class products are combined to provide the best system design for the lowest cost.