Announcing Our Annual Event For 2012!

February 5, 2012

For 15 years now it has been a tradition at Thin Client Computing to give back to our customers and the community through special events. Our concept is to eliminate the talking heads, sales pitches and self serving agendas and simply share real experience about what works best in practise (and what does not work so well!).

We are truly grateful that each year more people attend and tell us how valuable our events are to them. We have continued to seek out unusual and interesting venues and important/relevant topics to explore. We share real world feedback about technology implementation and best practises, and, introduce new and forward looking concepts/approaches. We also arrange the event so that the majority of time is spent in peer interactions, hands on demos and deep dive small group discussions.

This year we are pleased to take this to the next level based on an idea by our superb Technical/Business Analyst Brenda Tinius to occupy the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, Arizona.

Standing among these great machines, created in the Golden Age of American Innovation and Technology, we are honored to share our vision for the future. This is a future in which we are able to bring jobs back to the USA through well proven uses of Virtualization/Cloud Technologies. In 2012 we are at the point in which the technology, when properly implemented, simply works.

As a result Businesses, and organizations of all kinds, can cut costs dramatically while improving productivity, retention, lifestyle and job satisfaction and truly compete on a Global level in a whole new way.

Please come out and join us for “Soar Beyond The Cloud”, Friday, February 24th 2012 we believe you will find this an Inspiring and Educational day!

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