Unlocking Efficiency and Flexibility with TCC's IT Virtualization Services

In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficiency and adaptability are key. At Thin Client Computing (TCC), we specialize in providing high-performance virtual cloud services that give you the agility to respond to changing needs while optimizing your IT infrastructure. 

TCC has been a leading player in the industry since its inception in the 1990s. Over the years, it has developed cutting-edge methodologies to optimize every layer of the infrastructure stack, including storage, hypervisor, networking, and application/desktop layers. By optimizing each layer, TCC provides cost-effective solutions that are easy to manage, and ensure high performance.

Discover how our IT virtualization services can be your path to a more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective future.

Expert-Led Virtualization Solutions

Server Virtualization

Maximizes your hardware utilization and simplifies management, leading to significant cost savings.

Desktop Virtualization

Streamlines your desktop deployments, centralizing management and enhancing security.

Storage Virtualization

Optimize your storage resources, delivering scalable solutions that grow with your needs.


Boost your network’s speed, flexibility, and reliability through sophisticated virtualization techniques.

When To Use On-Premises Virtualization

Choosing an on-premises solution is often about balance – balancing the need for control against cost or balancing security concerns against scalability. Here are scenarios where on-premises virtualization shines:

Data Sensitivity

When data security and compliance are paramount, the level of control offered by on-premises solutions is unmatched.


For applications requiring low latency or high-speed data access, an on-site solution is often the best fit.

Legacy Systems

Older applications may not be cloud-compatible or may require specific configurations only available on-premises.


Unique hardware requirements or specialized configurations are easier to accommodate in an on-premises setup.

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