Database as a Service

Simplifying Database Management with TCC’s Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Managing databases is often a complex and resource-intensive task, fraught with risks related to performance, scalability, and security. With TCC’s Database as a Service (DBaaS), we take the heavy lifting off your shoulders, offering a robust, fully managed database solution that lets you focus on what truly matters—your core business.

As a founding partner of Tessell, we can accelerate DB performance, lower costs, and reduce management overhead for enterprise databases in the cloud. Public cloud providers are excellent at providing scale but fall short in features, performance, and management automation. Using DBaaS, we can transform database management into a highly agile modern framework.

Helping you save money and improve efficiency

It is our commitment to help alleviate the operational burden associated with traditional database management, allowing organizations to focus on their core business and application development. Cloud Database as a Service is a cost-effective and flexible solution that empowers you to scale your database resources up or down as needed without purchasing and maintaining hardware and software. 

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