Disaster Recovery Solutions

Ensuring Business Continuity with TCC’s Unmatched Disaster Recovery Services

In today's highly connected world, even a minor IT issue can cause significant setbacks. At Thin Client Computing (TCC), we understand the importance of maintaining high levels of fault tolerance and short Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for our clients. We have developed cloud disaster recovery services and proven methodologies that utilize multiple data centers to create true Active/Active system architectures that are not susceptible to common points of failure. By integrating data replication and application delivery, we strive to make system outages as transparent as possible to the business.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data Backup and Recovery

Secure storage solutions that allow for quick and efficient data recovery.

Failover Systems

Implementing redundant systems to maintain service availability even in case of a system failure.

Site Recovery

Strategies and solutions for offsite backup and recovery in the event of a complete site failure.

Monitoring and Alerting

Real-time systems that alert you to issues before they become disasters.

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