EUC Unplugged 2024 is here

January 17, 2024

EUC Unplugged 2024 is right around the corner! Formerly the "EUC Masters Retreat", this event is unique in applying Open Space Meeting technology to the End User Computing (EUC) Ecosystem. This means that experts, pros and enthusiastic from around the world gather together and are facilitated through a weekend experience that is shaped by them. Key sessions and workshops are pre-planned but the bulk of the conference content is shaped by the attendees in real-time leveraging the vast expertise that is present in the room.

The weekend format includes many opportunities for extra-curricular activities such as E-Bikes, hiking, Yoga, Escape Rooms, kayaking, etc to create a well rounded, relaxing and restorative experience. You select from a wide range of possibilities of what interests and serves you so that you can "Choose Your Own Adventure".

Time and Spaces are flexible allowing topics to be explored fully, and, to provide ample time to interact without feeling rushed or pulled to tightly scheduled sessions and back to back PowerPoint recitals! Many people bring their spouse/partner and some of our most interesting sessions have come from these guests in the past!

In short, this is the conference that I always wanted to attend- a nice setting with perfect weather, the ability to use outdoor spaces, having the best in the EUC business in person and personally accessible. Having the flexibility to respond to current conditions in the market and to fully explore questions, ideas and new possibilities that arise through these interactions- priceless.

This is a specialized and focused gathering that is limited to 100 participants. Please do not wait to register as I am sure that it will be sold out relatively soon. Looking forward to seeing you there!

April 19-21

Scottsdale, AZ

The Sonder Monarch

For more information and Registration go here

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