Phone Books Go In The Trash While Computing Heads For The Clouds

May 24, 2009

There it was….We pulled up to our house and saw a white plastic bag on the driveway, after a moment we realized it was a new set of phone books. My wife and I looked at each other, we hated to do it, but we picked it up and put it directly into the recycle bin. That is how much the world has changed- we wouldn’t even think of using a phone book, it sort of feels like trying to drive to the city in a Model T Ford. When you need a phone number, or just about any information now, you simply go to the Web.

Lightning is the new fast. The world isn’t just faster, it’s getting faster all the time at a faster pace. I needed an extra XP test machine for a project I am working on and pulled out the old Alienware machine in the corner. I hooked it up to a CRT we haven’t used in a long time. Not long ago it was a dream machine, fast, sleek, spacious. But it was really annoying to only have 1GB of RAM and nearly full 72GB disks. The CRT was the real shocker, no matter how high I set the rate or messed with the resolution, the flicker was really annoying and it occured to me that I could never work like this, although I did for 20 years. That is how much things have changed, that is how far we have come.

The project I needed the test machine is for a client with a brand new system of hosted virtual desktops.  My regular desktop is a powerful iMac running Mac OSX and Windows in a Virtual Machine along with XenApp and other sessions to various virtual machines. Darn it, the new remote virtual machine running at my customer site was way faster than my local system!!

The future has arrived and I love it. It just amazes me how fast it has come upon us. We are only one step away from the reality that computing will come from the cloud and it will be faster and better than anything we have ever known. Hold on, get ready, re-tool and re-think because things are getting faster and faster, faster and faster all the time!!

BTW- did I take that picture of the phonebooks in the driveway? Of course not, it came from Google images, really a lot less work to search and quickly download than going to get the camera, take the picture and upload it to my computer!

Like water all over the Earth, computing is evaporating into the clouds and a mighty rain is about to fall….Do you agree??

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